2023 Travel Wish List

2023 Travel Wishlist: What’s On Your “Wish List” For The Year 2023

As the year 2023 gets closer and closer, let’s talk about what we hope to see in the future. 2023 is just over two decades away and it’s going to be an exciting time. What’s on your 2023 Travel Wish List? We’ll start with a few things that might be on your list for the future of travel.

2023 Travel Wishlist: These Destinations Are On Your Wish List

In the year 2023, what are some of your travel dreams and wishes? It can be hard to pick just 9 destinations, but this list should give you a good starting point.

1. Costa Rica – This Central American country has world-class beaches and wildlife that’s worth seeing.
2. Iceland – Whether it’s a road trip around the Ring Road or exploring Reykjavik itself, there’s plenty to see in Iceland.
3. Peru – The Andes offer jaw-dropping beauty, and Peru is home to some of the most iconic tourist spots in the world, like Machu Picchu.
4. Thailand – With so many different regions to explore (from Bangkok to the Gulf Coast), Thailand has something for everyone.
5. Greece – Ancient ruins, crashing waves, delicious food: what more could you want from a vacation spot?
6. Japan – From Kyoto to Tokyo, Japan has something for everyone on their list of dream destinations.
7. Morocco – If you’re looking for a culture shock, Morocco is definitely the place to go!
8. Argentina – With its stunning landscapes and passionate people, Argentina is an unforgettable destination no matter what time of year you visit it.
9. Brazil – The Amazon rainforest alone is enough reason to visit Brazil’, but there are also lots of great beaches and interesting cities in the country as well!

Which Activities And Attractions Will Increase Over Time?

There are many things to do and see in the year ahead that will increase in popularity, making them more accessible and affordable. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Experience the art and culture of China – The country’s rich history and architecture are on display at every turn, with new museums and exhibitions opening all the time. If you want to see the most iconic attractions, head for Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou.

2. Go on safari – Africa offers a wealth of wildlife experiences that can be enjoyed from short trips to popular towns such as Nairobi or Johannesburg, to longer excursions through more remote areas such as Kruger National Park or Serengeti National Park.

3. Take a road trip – Whether it’s across America or Europe, there are endless ways to explore by car. Be sure to plan your route well in advance so you don’t miss any must-see sights along the way!

4. See a Broadway show – Theater lovers rejoice! The biggest shows will be playing all over town this year, from classic musicals like ‘The Phantom of the Opera and ‘Hamilton’ to cutting-edge plays like ‘Angels in America.’

5. Learn about wine – Wine has become increasingly popular over the past few years, thanks in part to TV series like ‘Chef’s Table that has introduced people to its complexities and delicious flavors.

Why You Should Book Your 2023 Travel Trip Today

Looking to 2023 Travel Wish List? Here are some reasons why you should do so today!

1. The world is constantly changing, and there are always new and exciting destinations to explore. If you wait, you may not get the opportunity to visit these places for a long time.

2. The economy is still recovering from the recession, so prices for airfare and hotels may be cheaper now than they will be in two years.

3. Technology has made it easier than ever to plan and book your travel arrangements online. This means that you can save time by dealing with one centralized source instead of searching through several different websites.

4. You never know when an opportunity to see a particular place or country will come up again – don’t miss out on it by waiting too long to book your trip!

How Long Will It Take To Save Up Enough Money?

It can be tough to save money for a trip, but with a bit of planning and organization, you can make it happen! Here are some tips on how to save for your dream vacation:

1. Set realistic goals. Don’t forget that travel is expensive, so don’t try to save up for an extravagant trip all at once. Start by calculating how much you need to save each month in order to cover the total cost of your trip (without adding extra fees!). This may mean setting smaller goals rather than thinking about saving for an entire year’s worth at once.

2. Storage solutions for your car. If traffic will be an issue when driving between cities, consider packing light and taking advantage of storage facilities such as self-storage units or drop boxes located near major tourist attractions. Plus, using public transportation whenever possible will help conserve gas.


In the past year, there have been a number of changes in your life that may have necessitated some adjustments to your travel plans. Perhaps you’re now married or have a new baby at home, or you’ve moved and can’t yet take the time off work required to travel.

No matter what the reason, it’s important to remember that your travel wish list should reflect your current circumstances. If you’re able to take a few weeks off work this year, consider adding some luxury travel destinations like Europe or Asia to your list.

If you can’t quit your job right away, consider places like Costa Rica or Belize as great alternative destinations. The bottom line is that no matter what kind of traveler you are, make sure that your 2018 travel wish list reflects what’s important to you right now!

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