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6 Facts You Need To Know Before Going On A Sri Lanka To USA Flights

Now that you’ve decided to embark on the trip of a lifetime, getting everything ready for your journey is key. In order to get the most out of your experience, there are certain facts that you should be aware of before even packing your bag. This blog article provides 6 facts that will help you prepare for your Sri Lanka To USA Flight without stress!

6 Things You Need To Know Before Going On A Sri Lanka To USA Flights

Before you book your Sri Lanka to USA flights, make sure you know the following facts:

  1. Sri Lanka is a tropical country with a subtropical climate. It has an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and an annual rainfall of 1,500 millimeters.
  2. The Sri Lankan currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee. The currency is divided into 100 cents.
  3. The time zone in Sri Lanka is UTC+5:00.
  4. Travelers should bring a passport valid for at least six months after their planned departure from the United States. All visitors must also have a return or onward ticket and proof of sufficient funds to cover their expenses while in Sri Lanka.
  5. Americans are required to carry a visa for Sri Lanka when traveling to the country for tourism or business purposes. Foreign nationals who are not citizens of Sri Lanka are also required to obtain a visa prior to travel if they are staying in the country for more than 30 days. Visas can be obtained from the nearest Sri Lankan embassy or consulate.
  6. Most airlines that offer flights between Sri Lanka and the United States operate out of major airports such as Colombo, Jaffna,

Costs To Flying From Sri Lanka To The United States

Flying from Sri Lanka to the United States can be expensive. The cost of a flight from Sri Lanka to the United States can range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the airline and the time of year.

Another cost you may have to factor in is visa requirements. Sri Lankans need a visa to fly to the United States and this can cost around $50. Additionally, you will likely need to pay for your own travel insurance before departing Sri Lanka. This insurance may cost around $100.

Finally, remember that foreign currency transfers are often required when flying to the United States. You may need to transfer money in advance of your trip or convert your currency into US dollars at a bank or currency exchange before departing Sri Lanka.

How To Book A Sri Lanka Airline Ticket

If you are planning to travel to the United States, you will first need to book a flight. You can do this by searching for flights on websites such as Orbitz or Expedia. Once you have found a flight that you wish to book, you will need to find a Sri Lankan airline that is offering the flight that you have selected.

To find a Sri Lankan airline, you can use websites such as or Sky scanner. Once you have found the airline that you would like to use, you will need to select the dates of your trip and the type of ticket that you would like to purchase.

Once you have made your selections, it is time to complete the booking process. You will need to provide your contact information, pay for your ticket, and receive information about your travel package. You should also check in with the airline several days before your flight so that all preparations can be made.

Transportation Options In Sri Lanka And On The Way To The Airport

There are a few transportation options available when taking a flight to the United States from Sri Lanka. The most popular option is flying into a major airport like Colombo or Katunayake. There are also several smaller airports that offer direct flights to the U.S. These flights can be cheaper, but they may not be as comfortable.

Another option is to take a bus or train to the larger city of Chennai and then fly to the U.S. This route is longer, but it’s also more affordable and easier to get around in India. Travelling by bus or train can be difficult if you don’t speak Hindi or Tamil, but there are usually translators on board to help you out.

The final option is to fly into another country and then take a plane to the U.S. This route is often less expensive than flying directly into the U.S., but it can be more complicated and time-consuming.

What Should You Expect While Flying On A Sri Lanka To USA Flight?

When you travel to the United States, you will experience many changes. One of the most significant changes is the time difference. The time in Sri Lanka is about one hour ahead of the time in the United States. This means that it will be morning when you arrive in the U.S., and evening when you leave.

Another significant change is the climate. The weather in Sri Lanka is tropical, which means that it is hot all year round. In contrast, the weather in the U.S. can be very different from one place to another. Despite these differences, both countries share some similarities, such as a love of food and a strong sense of community.

Lastly, flying on a Sri Lanka to USA flight is an international trip. This means that you will need to be prepared for different customs procedures and visa requirements in each country you visit. Be sure to consult your travel insurance policy for more information about traveling to the United States.

Pros And Cons Of Traveling With Sri Lankan Airlines

If you’re thinking of traveling to the United States on a Sri Lankan Airlines flight, here are some things you should know:


-Sri Lankan Airlines is one of the oldest and most reputable airlines in the world. They have a great reputation for providing high-quality service.

-The flights are usually very smooth, and they arrive on time.

-The prices are very affordable, especially when you compare them to other airlines that fly to the United States.


-Some people have complained about the food on Sri Lankan Airlines flights. It’s not always up to par with what you would expect from an airline of this quality.


Before making your travel plans, it is important to be aware of a few key facts about flights to Sri Lanka from the United States. For example, the country has an extremely high poverty rate, which means that you might experience some difficulties while there. Additionally, the Sri Lankan Airlines fleet is in need of significant repairs and upgrades, which could delay or even cancel your flight should problems arise on your journey. So before booking that trip to Sri Lanka, do your research so that you know what to expect!

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